AI Teknolojisi Termal Çözümü


Mapesen Thermal camera is based on AI and thermal technology,which is composed of AI binocular temperature detecting camera and AI thermal imaging screening system,Integrated by thermal temperature detecting sensor of high-accuracy,built-in intelligent face capture algorithm,and ISP image processing technology etc,the camera is with face detection,temperature detection and face capture,etc powerful features.

What is Thermal imaging?

Any object with a temperature above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiations. The higher an object’s temperature, the more radiations are is emitted. Taking advantage of the temperature differences between objects, thermal cameras make the invisible thermal radiation “visible” in the form of heat zone images.

Appication of Thermal Camera

With AI thermal imaging screening system,Mapesen‘s Fever Detecting Thermal Camera can are designed to detect accurately elevated skin-surface temperatures,capturing face pic and records for those people appeared in front of this device,It can effectively help to monitor and detect the body temperature of entry and exit people,thus contributing to prevent epidemic situation.It can be widely used for rapid and preliminary fever detecting and screening in office buildings,factories,stations,airports and other public places,with accuracy up to ±0.3°-±0.1°C.

One second to detect temperature in a person
Multi-person detection simultaneously
Non-contact temperature measurement to avoid physical contact
AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources
Immediately alarming to notify operators
Fire Alert to prevent fire from occuring